We are a young group of designers and professionals who love what we do and we look for clients to love our work.

Agrego is a design agency specialized in interdisciplinary design. We offer a wide range of services: Branding, Graphic Design, Digital, 3D, Motion Graphic, Product, POP, Photography and Video. We put all our passion and all our dedication in each project, striving and committing ourselves to achieve the best results; learning from each project and each client.
Our differential is that we are always there for you, we always give an answer, we are ALWAYS READY!

Our Services
We are creative

We look for creative solutions for each project, making each one unique.

We are punctual

We work systemically and methodically to meet the stipulated deadlines.

We love what we do

We are passionate about design!
That's why we only do it the best way.

We work as a team

A correct communication with the client is essential to achieve the best results, we build a team with the client.

Doing what we are passionate about since 2008
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Our agency is made up of a permanent team of professionals, conformed of graphic designers, web developers, industrial designers, photographers and programmers; but most importantly: we work as a TEAM! Know us
Pablo G. Sanguinetti Socio Fundador
Director Comercial
Hernán R. Suárez Socio Fundador
Director Creativo
Romina Berwanger Diseñadora Gráfica
Celeste Leguizamón Diseñadora Gráfica
Tobías Fagioli Renderista / Motion Graphic
Martín Mangudo Fotógrafo
Flavio Martínez Resp. producción
Eduardo Saini Administración y Finanzas
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